Control Project

  • Systems


    Our capital group provides a comprehensive service in the design, assembly and maintenance of electrical and low-current installations. We start our work from the preparation of an expert opinion, professional advice, then moving to preparation of technical designs, delivery and assembly of equipment, preparation of documentation, ending with servicing and maintenance of the system.

    As a system provider in the security industry, we hold a license from the Ministry of the Interior.

    Portfolio of implemented systems:

    • Comprehensive analysis and implementation of BMS systems;
    • Fire Alarm System (FAS);
    • Voice Alarm Systems (VAS);
    • Intercom and video systems, audio-visual rooms, acoustic analyses and complex sound systems for buildings prepared by qualified acoustics specialist;
    • Radio communication systems and guard control systems;
    • High-pressure pipes
    • Control and automation systems for industry, industrial process optimization;
    • Dangerous gases monitoring systems;
    • Neutral gas extinguishing systems (Inergen, Novec, nitrogen) and CO2 systems;
    • EIB-based control systems;
    • Counting customers;
    • Comprehensive electrical systems;
    • Indoor and outdoor lighting systems;
    • Design and prefabrication of power supply and control cabinets;
    • Selection of system overvoltage and lightning protection devices;
    • Ventilation systems for living quarters and smoke extraction, including gravitational and mechanical ventilation;
    • HVAC in buildings and heavy industry; Provisioning of air handling units;
    • Air conditioning, iced water systems, selection, design and delivery;
    • Intrusion detection systems (IDS);
    • CCTV systems;
    • Access control systems (access control and clocking)
    • Structural networks in buildings and industry: Molex, CISCO, Moxa, R&M, A-Lan, Generik, BKT, CTC, Juniper.

    We are a partner of the following companies: Schrack Seconet, Honeywell, UTC F&S, Polon Alfa, Milestone, Dallmeier, Hikvision, ABB, KnX plus our employees have technical licenses.