Control Project

  • Fire-fighting

    Fire-fighting systems

    A decade of experience in the industry and cooperation with developers allowed us to create solutions that let us to secure even the most demanding and dangerous areas in order to meet Polish and European standards assuring full customer satisfaction.

    We employ qualified engineers and fire protection experts, providing a comprehensive development service in the selection of solutions and fire protection. We have obtained numerous positive references and even created standards, e.g. for insurers of industrial companies.

    We are an authorized partner in the fire industry. Schrack Seconet, ESSER (Honeywell), Polon-Alfa, Bosch, UTCF&S (GE), Detectomat, we also work with CEAG (Cooper Industries), Mercor, D+H, AEG to create a wide range of possible concept solutions.

    We shall prepare a fill proposal as regards:

    • fire alarm system;
    • fire-fighting automation;
    • mechanical smoke extraction and aeration;
    • gas extinguishing systems (Inergen, Novec, CO2, FM 200);
    • gravitational smoke extraction;
    • emergency lighting and central batteries;
    • fire-fighting systems — selection of units or UPS devices;
    • hydrant systems, sprinklers, foam cannons;
    • raised floors with fire resistance class;
    • selection of aluminum windows and doors in appropriate EI class;
    • conceptual, detailed, as-built designs, physical inventories and fire-fighting scenarios.