Control Project

  • Bms & hvac

    (Building Managements Systems)

    BMS (Building Managements Systems) together with a comprehensive facility infrastructure is an excellent tool responsible for management, economic aspects (optimization, trends, analysis) and building security.

    Regardless of the level of sophistication, BMS is a system dedicated, or even „tailor-made”, by our engineers for each customer on an individual basis. This guarantees ease of use, limited only to the analysis of visualization, functionality selection and proper maintenance.

    Selected features of the BMS system:

    • full and continuous monitoring of utilities consumption in the facility;
    • ongoing recording registration of the behavior of interoperable devices in a building,
    • monitoring all technical systems in the facility,
    • supervision and control of technological processes, including production,
    • security monitoring,
    • generating trends and analyzing them;
    • generation and effective use of potential savings;
    • increasing the durability of equipment operation through the selection of parameters,
    • optimization, and thus reduction of maintenance costs,
    • immediate failure detection,
    • decision-making support.

    As a group of specialists with over 10 years’ experience in the HVAC industry, with many excellent projects in out portfolio, both implemented and supervised, we have repeatedly convinced customers that the processes of heating, ventilation and cooling are nowadays the main cost drivers of facilities. Therefore, thanks to the appropriate selection of automation equipment and full BMS automation, we are able to ensure comfort of work and optimization of energy consumption, both in industrial processes (steelworks, process and production lines), as well as in factory floors and office buildings.

    CONTROL PROJECT provides a full range of implementations and maintenance of BMS and HVAC systems in office buildings, industrial buildings, factory floors, logistics warehouses and other facilities. Starting with need analysis, through conceptual, executive and supervisory designs, to implementation and supervision. We are certified by renowned partners such as Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Kieback & Peter.