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has been present on the market since 2008. Since the beginning of our activity we have been strongly connected with complex solutions in the field of BMS installation, starting as an independent branch of JOHNSON CONTROLS INT'L, and currently being an independent system multi-integrator.
Our experienced engineering team will carry out the most complex and unusual projects, ensuring at the same time ongoing development of competences and knowledge of our staff. Only here:
  • Each customer is treated with 101% commitment.
  • Each project, building or industrial plant is a new challenge for us.
  • Each quote is preceded by a need analysis in order to choose a solution being both optimum and efficient.
What distinguishes CONTROL PROJECT from other companies is: quality of service, customer-centered approach, implementation time, commitment and dedication we put into every undertaking. This is confirmed by our customers and the projects completed for them in the References tab.
We provide a full range of services related to
internal and external systems of buildings. The main profile of business operations are projects in the manufacturing and food industry, technical and fire protection of facilities and modern management and supervision of facilities through BMS systems. Our target facilities are:
  • office buildings,
  • industrial plants,
  • production and logistics buildings,
  • public facilities,
  • private properties.
We start with the analysis of needs, through conceptual and executive designs to the implementation and permanent supervision of systems. We are certified by recognized partners, thus providing multiple different solutions, depending on the complexity of the issue.
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Control Project cooperates successfully with many customers:

GTC Katowice

Design and implementation of complex installations:

  • electrical,
  • fire alarm system,
  • access control,
  • BMS,
  • CCTV,
  • audio

Estimated contract value: 8 million


  • Fire alarm system, audit and as-built documentation
  • Start-up of Schrack Seconet

Meal dispensing recording system (Impel Tech Solutions)

  • Full integration with SAP
  • dispensing up to 17,000 meals a day
  • automatic billing for external companies that dispense meals
  • generation of reports
  • automatic payroll calculation via HR module

Estimated contract value: 500 thousand

3 Stawy housing estate

Design and implementation of comprehensive building systems

Estimated contract value: 1.8 million

Dębowe Tarasy housing estate

Design and implementation of all systems for the third stage of the housing estate construction

Estimated contract value: 3.7 million

Emergency response center — emergency power supply

  • Design
  • delivery
  • implementation of a diesel generator, supporting the Emergency and Crisis Management Center

Estimated contract value: 450 thousand

ESAB factory

Design and implementation of the fire alarm system

Air conditioning for industrial departments

Air conditioning for industrial departments

Estimated contract value: 300 thousand

GM Tychy factory

Design and assembly of:

  • electrical systems
  • building automation
  • heat distribution substation for the entire plant with a total installed power of 13 MW

Estimated contract value: 3.6 million

VAS announcements

Creating for our client the concept of voice alarming systems in a high-rise office building together with the delivering the ready-made announcements in the audio version.

Jagiellonian University — Faculty of Astronomy and Applied Physics

Design and implementation: comprehensive electrical/audio systems for the campus — one of the most modern audio-visual rooms

Estimated contract value: 12 million

Modernization of the external telecommunication network

  • Delivery and assembly of telecommunication cabinets
  • construction of new cable ducts
  • modernization of existing ones
  • desludging
  • tunneling under asphalt pavement
  • road surface repair

Estimated contract value: 900 thousand

JSW: The “Różany” Hotel, Gaj

Design and implementation of the following systems:

  • intercom
  • all electrical
  • BMS
  • access control
  • KNX
  • audio
  • CCTV
  • fire alarm system

Estimated contract value: 3.45 million

Inżyniering building

  • Fire protection
  • design and supply of the fire alarm system
  • replacement of windows and doors in the facility
  • design and implementation of smoke removal and aeration system in the facility
  • emergency lighting

Estimated contract value: 1.2 million

Saint Gobain

Design and implementation of the fire alarm system with maintenance

High-pressure water mist extinguishing system

Design and implementation of the following systems: roll stands extinguishing with water mist and fire detection system

Estimated contract value: 2.8 million

Military Mechanical Works

Design and assembly of:

  • comprehensive ventilation systems
  • structural network node
  • access control
  • IDS

JSW, Board of Directors building

Supervision over the implementation and commissioning of systems:

  • Fire alarm system
  • CCTV
  • access control
  • IDS
  • LAN

Estimated contract value: 2.4 million


Design and implementation of CCTV system with integration on the basis of Milestone

Estimated contract value: 500 thousand

Bridgestone factory

Assembly of low-current systems:

  • Fire alarm system
  • access control
  • audio
  • CCTV

Floor construction, JTI

Construction of raised floors in technical rooms and server rooms

WP 5 Kraków

  • Schrack Seconet system maintenance
  • 10 gas extinguishing sections (Inergen)
  • hydrant maintenance
  • sprinkler maintenance

Estimated contract value: 1.2 million

Köhl GmbH

Implementation of comprehensive fire protection systems:

  • fire-fighting automation
  • sequential control of exhaust fans for the plant
  • fire alarm system for the network of 13 air handling units
  • KNX installation

Estimated contract value: 2.1 million

Inergen extinguishing system for hot rolling mill

Design and implementation of an Inergen multi-zone extinguishing system together with Schrack Seconet detection system

Estimated contract value: 400 thousand


Schrack and CCTV systems maintenance

Fencing and security system with WP2 clocking system

Concept development and implementation of fencing and gates system, access control together with clocking system

Mondelez Cadbury

Comprehensive design and modernization of a newly designed plant technological elements:

  • ventilation system
  • HVAC
  • ventilation part for Munters dehumidifier

Estimated contract value: 1.1 million

120 Audiovisual Hall

Implementation of low-current systems including audio

Municipal Office in Jaworzno

Start-up of the depositary system

110 kV GST stations

  • design and implementation of a CO2 extinguishing system
  • suction
  • fire blinds
  • CCTV

Estimated contract value: 1.6 million

Security of buildings (AMP branches)

  • Concept development
  • designs
  • deliveries
  • implementation of the security concept in the facilities.

Jaworzno CHP Plant

  • Implementation of the access control
  • clocking system
  • long-term system maintenance

Dynamite Factory

Fire alarm system by Schrack Seconet maintenance

CSiR Dąbrowa Górnicza

  • Fire alarm system maintenance
  • air conditioning
  • ice water unit assembly

Oncological Hospital in Dąbrowa Górnicza

Fire alarm system periodic inspections

Ski Jumping Hill Complex SKALITE

Design and construction of all outdoor and building systems, including:

  • pumping station automation
  • CCTV
  • power supply
  • audio (mass events)

Estimated contract value: 2.7 million


Construction of residences in Tychy:

  • BMS
  • HVAC
  • KNX installations and all internal installations, including IDS and CCTV

Polski Koks

Audit and modernization of BMS and maintenance

RCKiK Racibórz

Assembly of all ventilation systems including delivery of chilled beams

Estimated contract value: 2.9 million

Transfer nodes and belt pipeline

Assembly of IDS and CCTV system

Cedler Sosnowiec

Design and implementation of a depositary system

Polish Army units including the 6th Battalion

Assembly of security systems, including access control

Magneti Marelli

Design and assembly of new LED lighting in the factory’s office building

“Square” hotel compound in Strzemieszyce

Design and assembly of a comprehensive smoke ventilation and emergency lighting system

Burn Treatment Center Siemianowice

  • Comprehensive implementation of electrical and low-current systems
  • HVAC automation
  • audiovisual room

Estimated contract value: 5.8 million


Assembly of a gas detection system in the boiler room of the medical center

DB Schenker

Assembly and commissioning of the Schrack Seconet system

Bosch Goleniów

Comprehensive assembly of low-current systems

Estimated contract value: 400 thousand

Physics Faculty Campus, Jagiellonian University

Executing comprehensive inspections

Control Project Poland Sp. z o.o.


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