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  • Industrial applications

    Industrial applications

    Since the beginning of our company’s existence, we have focused on cooperation with the industrial sector. With comprehensive projects implemented all over Poland and maintenance of electrical and low-current systems in industry, this business activity has become a leading one in our portfolio.

    We employ specialists who offer our customers knowledge, wide experience, ability to work in difficult conditions, speed and precision of operations as well as the analysis of the customer needs.

    Thanks to many years of cooperation with General Motors, ArcelorMittal, Mondelez, JSW, Polski Koks, Saint Gobain, Bosch, Starol, Bridgestone, JTI, we can choose comprehensive solutions in the following areas:

    • air conditioning and ventilation systems in industry. From refrigeration units for industrial applications to air conditioning and ventilation of heavy cranes and precision laboratories;
    • ventilation ducts cleaning;
    • ventilation and selection of air parameters in food production and warehouses;
    • extinguishing systems with high and low pressure water mist system;
    • fire pumping stations;
    • fixed and semi-permanent extinguishing systems in industry;
    • full automation of ventilation units;
    • industrial raised floors;
    • HVAC in manufacturing: selection, design and implementation;
    • power supply and control cabinets;
    • power supply backup switching systems;
    • energy banks, UPS systems;
    • fire detection;
    • suction systems, protection of explosion zones, protection of transformer stations;
    • autonomous foam detection and extinguishing systems in the waste and processing industry;
    • protection of cable tunnels and 110kV power stations;
    • smoke extraction mechanical ventilation systems;
    • fire scenarios;
    • gas detection;
    • emergency and evacuation lighting, central batteries;
    • smoke dampers — selection and implementation;
    • monitoring systems to increase safety at work;
    • hazardous areas extinguishing with neutral gases.