Control Project

  • Offices
    & commercial buildings

    Offices & commercial buildings

    Due to the fact that a wide range of our customers are leading operators of the office and commercial market in Poland and hospital institutions, clinics and universities, our offer includes turnkey implementation of the following issues:

    • comprehensive assembly of internal and external systems;
    • selection of individual design solutions;
    • preparation of fire scenarios, detailed implementation and as-built designs, together with approval of qualified fire fighting experts;
    • prefabrication of power supply and control cabinets;
    • design and implementation of BMS systems;
    • concepts and implementation of technical protection of facilities;
    • reports and threat analysis;
    • designs for monitoring facilities and territories exposed to risks and threats;
    • support by court experts;
    • full workmanship and maintenance.

    In detail:

    • air-conditioning and ventilation systems, ice water units and HVAC automation;
    • ventilation ducts cleaning;
    • extinguishing systems for server rooms and selected room volumes;
    • raised floors;
    • power supply and control cabinets;
    • living quarters lighting systems and façade illumination;
    • design and selection of fire protection systems;
    • aeration;
    • suction systems,
    • gravitational and mechanical smoke extraction systems;
    • emergency and evacuation lighting, central batteries, escape route marking;
    • fire dampers; – system solutions;
    • CCTV systems, IDS systems and implementation of access control/clocking systems increasing the comfort of work;
    • full integration with SAP/SAP ACE billing systems;
    • implementation of a proprietary system for meal billing;
    • implementation of proprietary solutions in the IT industry for specific areas and the customer;